Why interiors workshops?

Have you been spending hours pouring over Pinterest every day and night, and you’re still unclear as to how to bring your interiors vision together?

Step by Step Guidance 

The DIY Reno Roadmap is held over 2 focussed sessions resulting in a clear interiors vision. It will take away the agony of making decisions on your own. It will direct your energy and save you from hours of scrolling and worry. The best part is, you have step by step guidance so you won’t be taking any risks.

 The interiors workshops I have designed are a form of rapid prototyping where you and I team up and create your vision together. In just a few hours, we bring all of your ideas out of your head and onto a page to create your own personal mood and style board, followed by second session where we create a materials board for you.

Your DIY Reno Roadmap

The end result? You will have a renovation road map of your colours and materials to confidently select the right finishes, to bring your home together in cohesive and stylised way. Your renovation or decorating will be uniquely yours, and you’ll be proud to say you did it yourself - with just a little help ;)

We will produce your very own mood and style board, decide on a colour scheme and start to put together the materials that will you will use whether it be floorboards, benchtops, splashbacks, tiles, handles or sofas, drapery, carpet, rugs and artwork. We can design an entire house scheme, multiple or single rooms.

Power of the Workshop Format

You can create amazing results by harnessing the power of a worshop session. Through sharing ideas and building together we create inspiring results in just 2 power sessions.

Throughout my career, the best creative was always achieved when the creative vision was designed in a workshop. This was due to the power of a cross functional team and very focussed workshop activity sessions, designed to achieve lots of solutions in a single workshop.

This is different to the online courses on the market today, because you get the personalised guidance in real time, so you don’t have to waste time reading modules and understanding the content.

This is a truly collaborative approach to designing your renovation.

So don't wait, book a free interiors consultation now! 

 Morgan and Me Interiors Mood Board