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This covers the specification of exterior paint colours.

Specification of an exterior residential colour scheme including walls / trims / door, gutters, roof and material suggestions to achieve the look and feel you are after. 

Please send for reference:
- A photo of the front of the house (if a renovation) 
- A photo of the rear of the house
- Any plans you have received from the builder showing the proposed design of the house
- Image references of house colours you like (or share a Pinterest board if you have one)

What you will need: 
Access to a computer or mobile phone (NB the workshop will be most effective on a computer due to a larger screen size)
An email address to send the video link to
A camera for video conferencing on your computer or mobile phone 
Images of all other materials that you will be colour matching to 

What it includes: 

Up to 3 colour options for an exterior residential scheme
1 round of amends to colour options

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