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DURATION: 3 hours 

Design your own interiors with the 1 to 1 Zoom Express Design for Renovators  Design. This is the most convenient session where you design your space from the comfort of your home. 

The workshop focuses on the creative aspect of designing the ambience of the room - how it feels, the experience of being in it and how that translates to an interior style and colour scheme. A step by step guided workshop. You will create your own colour scheme and mood board and complete the design with a first look at a materials board. The beauty of this workshop is that you can decide how far you want to go with your interior space. If you rent and changing the wall colour is not an option, you can focus more on your furniture, moveable lighting, artwork and floor rugs. If you are building from scratch and need to define materials for your builder, you will also find the workshop incredibly beneficial because it’s often where to start that is the most overwhelming for people. 

This workshop can cover one room or an entire scheme for a house. 

What you will need: 
Access to a computer or mobile phone (NB the workshop will be most effective on a computer due to a larger screen size).
An email address to send the video link to. 
A camera for video conferencing on your computer or mobile phone (desktop computers are better for this forum). 

What it includes: 
Designing your own interiors mood board
Defining your own Personal Interiors Style 
Selecting your own interior materials 
Creating your own colour scheme 

You will leave with a clear vision of: 
How to translate your dream home into a reality
Your colour scheme including primary colours, secondary colours and accent colours 
Design style and possible colours of furniture, fixtures and fittings you will purchase 
A worksheet to help you select your furniture, fixtures and fitting

For more detail on the process and my approach, read my blog article here: https://morganandmeinteriors.com.au/blogs/news/what-is-an-interiors-co-creation-workshop-and-how-will-it-help-me

To understand more about the workshop and how you can get results in one afternoon, read my blog article here: https://www.renovatingmums.com.au/6-top-tips-for-colour-confidence-in-your-interiors/

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