Interior / Exterior Colour Specification - Video Consult

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This is the video conferencing version of the Colour Workshop. 

This covers the specification of interior or exterior paint colours and flooring / benchtops / cabinetry or soft furnishings such as blinds or curtains. 

Specification of 2-3 elements in one room 
eg. paint colour for walls & trims / ceilings plus a flooring colour
or paint for walls / trims / ceilings and cabinetry colour 
or benchtop / cabinetry and splashback colours 
or flooring cabinetry and wall colour 
or exterior residential colour scheme including walls / trims / door 

What you will need: 
Access to a computer or mobile phone (NB the workshop will be most effective on a computer due to a larger screen size)
An email address to send the video link to
A camera for video conferencing on your computer or mobile phone 
Images of all other materials that you will be colour matching to 

What it includes: 

Specification of colour for 2-3 elements in one room  

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