Interior Styling Workshop

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DURATION: 2 hours
GROUP SIZE: 10 people
LOCATION: Crows Nest 

Are you struggling to inject personality into your home? Have you recently built or renovated your home and now don't know how to successfully style your home with the pieces you have? Learn to style your home in this creative group workshop. 

Creating moments in different areas of your home will start to build the style and personality you are looking for.

This is a fun and interactive, practical workshop. No need to bring a thing, all the styling elements are there. You will learn to style like a pro with hints, tips and tricks. Putting your learnings into practice in the class. Then you can go home and apply your learnings to your own space. 

Vignettes are the expression of your personality and can light up the corners of your home, adding warmth interest and personality to any nook or blank wall. So many items in your home can create a beautiful vignette. 

In this workshop, you will learn to style your home with the basics of styling from defining your focal points, vignette composition styles and how to inject colour into your home through colour theory. 

Bring your bestie, your mum, or just come along on your own. It’s a fun and interactive practical workshop that will inspire you to create moments in your own home. Just the spice you’ll need to reinvigorate the love for your home. 

What it includes: 

Elements for a great vignette
Handy hints to achieve balance 
How to incorporate more than one accent colour 

You will leave with a clear vision of: 

How to style your home to create warmth, personality and showcase your own personal style

What will you get out of it:

You will unlock your creative spirit. 
Empowered to transform your home and create a new energy. 
Excited by what you have learned and energized.

For more details on the process, read my blog here:

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