Interiors Colour Scheme Workshop

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DURATION: 2 hours 
GROUP SIZE: 6 people

The question I see on every renovating blog is 'which white?'! The workshop focuses on defining your colour scheme including best whites and neutrals to select based on your aspect. You will create your own colour scheme and interiors style board taking into consideration the aspect of your space. This is for people that know exactly what they want, they just need a helping hand to create a colour scheme that is cohesive and hangs together beautifully. 

This workshop can cover one room or an entire scheme for a house. It does not cover furniture, fixtures and fittings selection. 

What it includes: 

Colour by aspect (direction of natural light in the space)
Colour scheme development 

You will leave with a clear vision of: 
Your colour scheme including primary colours and accent colours 
Design style and possible colours of furniture, fixtures and fittings you will purchase 
A worksheet to help you select your furniture, fixtures and fittings

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